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We're happy you're here!

A little about us...

WLD FLR Boutique was created from the idea that one person's old news coffee table is another person's living room focal point. Style is a cycle and just because you're bored with that last season end table or sick of looking at that lackluster picture frame hanging on the wall doesn't mean it belongs in the trash! Sure it may have a bump or bruise here and there, but life's full of imperfections so we try to find those diamonds in the rough and bring back their sparkle! We also take the best parts of old items and find them a new purpose. We even love discovering new things for someone to love!

         We hope you find something here that makes you happy! 


My name is Ashley B. and I am the owner...with the help of my husband, Shae, two cats, two dogs, four ducks and twenty five chickens. I love being outside any time of year, I love to read and the most important thing anyone ever needs to know about me.. I LOVE ANIMALS! I love them all.

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